Best area to stay paris

Best area to stay parisWhen you are in Paris, the most difficult thing that you face is that of choosing the best place to stay in. The best way to begin to choose a good place to stay in is to know the various places in Paris. Paris has twenty districts to choose. These twenty districts can be easily divided into the right and left banks. The right and left banks denote the right and left side of the Seine River that flows through the Central Paris. It roughly divides the city into half. The left side of the river is the southern side of Paris and the right side of Paris is the northern portion of the city. These directions come in handy when deciding about the right place to stay. Both these sides of the river are different in their culture and feel, although they are a part of one large city. If your interests include art, fashion and the Bohemian lifestyle, the southern half of Paris is the best places to stay in. The southern half of Paris is a paradigm of Parisian popular culture and proffers many fascinating shops, historical sites, buildings and amazing architecture. It also features a plethora of good hotels, bed and breakfasts, Inns et cetera. The left side of the bank has the famous Latin Quarter that is known for its bistros, learning establishments and shops. Some of the most famous universities are also established in Latin Quarter. The Northern side of Paris is full of sophistication and refinement that anyone can think of. It is the busiest district and is considered metropolitan. Staying in the hotels of the northern side of Paris can burn a hole in the pocket. The sophistication and refinement that it is famous for can cost you a life. Usually the entertaining aspect of the area overlooks the expensive aspect of the bank on the right side. You can choose any of the two sides according to your budget. If travelling to Paris is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you should choose staying in the right side of the bank even though it might take away all your expenses.